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Leased Operator Positions Available

Freedom Freight Corporation was registered in 2005, with the hopes to bring a more family orientated trucking company to the individuals who like their profession but also recognize the balance needed at home and the appreciation for smaller more personable place to work.

Some of our Contract Points are:

Freedom Freight Corporation has a 15% dispatch fee. There are no other fee’s incurred other than plates, insurance and fuel.  We understand that paperwork on the road is very hard to keep up with so we have Included in WCB and IFTA fee’s in the dispatch fee as long as the owner is driving the truck.  All IFTA reporting and payments are also covered by Freedom Freight.  


Freedom Freight Plating Term ends in August, anyone contracting to Freedom Freight will have obligations under contract until the term of the plate or some penalties will apply.   There is no fee to sign on with our company, we only have obligations in term so that we can continue our service to our customers without interruption.


We are aware that not all leased operators have the same interests in their hauling of goods. We work with the driver to find where they like to travel and what they like to haul, then we build the freight around the driver.  We have had many compliments on our style of dispatch and the awareness of time and money.



I have had the pleasure to work for Freedom Freight Corporation for many years until my retirement.  I absolutely loved working at Freedom Freight Corp.  I was always treated as family, I never felt like a number or a dollar, and if I could still be on the road I would be at Freedom Freight.

I loved that there was good communication on working together and establishing rounders and upcoming new customers and the importance of keeping good customer relationships.  This is a company that works as a whole.  It is important to work for a company that lets you know that everyone is a team, and it takes everyone in the company to make it a great place.

I would highly recommend this trucking company to any truckers that are interested in trucking for a good, honest and family orientated company and that are ambitious and serious in trucking. You will be working in harmony and enjoying your work in trucking.


From: Lucien S. Nogue, MCCord, SK

Formerly Unit #600

Interested in Joining Our Team? Give Us a Call!
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